GIS Analyst (3-4 Years)

  • Company: CSTEP
  • Location: Bengaluru or Noida
Role Overview (GIS Analyst)

We are looking for multi-skilled candidates with a quantitative background for this role. The GIS analyst will be primarily responsible for discovering patterns and trends through spatial mapping, developing GIS-based applications and tools, and managing a digital library of spatial and non-spatial data. 


· Analyse spatial data through the use of mapping software and design digital maps.

· Collect relevant spatial data according to project requirement.

· Perform Python scripting for processing big data analytics.

· Discover patterns and trends through spatial mapping of data.

· Design digital maps with geographic data and other data sources.

· Generate different data types that support web applications.

· Create “shapefiles” to merge topographical data with external data by layering external data over a topographical map.

· Produce maps showing the spatial distribution of various kinds of data, including wind and solar resources.

· Develop mapping applications and tools.

· Convert physical maps into digital forms.

· Perform data munging and cleaning to bring it into the desired form.

· Produce reports on geographic data, using data visualisations.

· Manage a digital library of geographic maps in various file types.

Qualifications & Experience

· Master’s Degree/Diploma in Geoinformatics, Geography, or a related field.

· Minimum 3 years of experience in the area.

Skill Set

· Proficiency with database programming languages such as SQL, R, or Python.

· Expertise in mapping tools such as QGIS, ESRI Suites and Image Processing Software.

· Experience in processing Lidar data sets.

· Ability to automate GIS processing, using any scripting language (Python or R).

· Proficiency in database management (using SQL, PostgreSQL and Excel).

· Experience with GPS measuring tools.

· Proficiency with front-end design languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various mapping languages will be an added advantage.

· Outstanding quantitative skills.

· Good problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset.

· Excellent written and verbal communication, and technical documentation skills.

How to apply

Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Application: GIS Analyst” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

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