Research Engineer-GIS

  • Company: REConnect Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Job Location: Bangalore
  • Experience : 1 – 2 years

Job Profile (Research Engineer-GIS):

The job requires an interdisciplinary approach to solving engineering and scientific computing problems whilst also understanding and meeting business requirements. This position will involve:

● Developing GIS capabilities from scratch for asset mapping and monitoring
applications in the energy sector.
● Producing shape files and maps (2D/3D) as per project requirements.
● Applying Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to satellite images, IR images
● Working with team members to handle day to day operations and product
management tasks.
● Identification and characterization of complex relationships between multiple
weather and energy parameters.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

Educational Qualification: B.Tech/B.E. in Engineering or Masters in Earth Sciences,
Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing or related technical discipline.
● 1-2 years experience with GIS software (QGIS/ArcGIS) or at least 1 year experience in
coding (Python/C++/Javascript/PHP).
● Relevant experience in frameworks like Django / Codeigniter / Anaconda and
understanding of front-end technologies.
● Experience with Google Maps API / OpenStreetMap API / Leaflet etc.
● Preferable to have experience with open source tools/libraries (GDAL, Mapbox,
OpenStreetMap and Leaflet)
● Demonstrable experience of project work (academic/internship/job)
● Ability to work on broad objectives and go from business requirements to solutions
● Excellent communication skills and ability to explain technical topics to non-technical

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