What is DIVA GIS?

DIVA GIS is a free geographic information system (GIS) software package for geo-spatial data analysis. Which is specially designated for biodiversity mapping and habitat suitability modelling etc.

DIVA-GIS | diva gis shapefile |diva gis data

DIVA-GIS Software Interface

DIVA-GIS is also known to provide a lot of free GIS datasets to the user community for mapping and analysis requirements. Users can download GIS data country wise. These are the main datasets: administrative boundaries, roads, railway, altitude, land use/ land cover, population density etc. All datasets can be downloaded in shapefile (.shp) format download

Download Shapefile (for all country click on Shapefile)

India|USA|Canada|Australia | France |Nepal

Download Software DIVA-GIS 7.5

Download DIVA-GIS Tutorial

ESRI Shapefile Download

ESRI Shapefile is a popular file format for storing geographic information system (GIS) data. It was developed by Esri, a leading GIS software company, and has become a de facto standard for storing spatial data.

A shapefile consists of several files, including a main file with a .shp extension, an index file with a .shx extension, and a database file with a .dbf extension. The main file contains the geometric data, such as points, lines, and polygons, while the index file provides quick access to the main file. The database file contains attribute data associated with the geometric data.

Shapefiles can store different types of spatial data, including points, lines, and polygons, and can also store non-spatial data, such as attribute data about spatial features. They can be used in a variety of applications, such as GIS software, web mapping, and data visualization.

While shapefiles are a widely used format, they have some limitations, such as a maximum file size of 2 GB and a lack of support for Unicode characters. As a result, newer file formats, such as GeoJSON and GeoPackage, are gaining popularity in the GIS community.

Shapefile of India

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  1. What is diva gis?

    DIVAGIS is a free GIS software. Which is used for geographical data analysis. Free shapefile download

  2. How to use diva-gis software?

    1. It’s easy to use
    2. Free download diva gis software via: Click Here
    3. Install in your Laptop/ Desktop in single click
    4. Download tutorial/ Manual for Diva gis use

  3. Is diva gis software free?

    It’s free of cost gis software.

  4. Is diva-gis available for mac?

    Of course, you can use on mac: Click Here

  5. How can free download shapefile?

    You can freely download shapefile of country or any part of the world via Diva-gis

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