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UGC Approved List of Journals

The UGC has taken stringent measures to improve the quality of research and protect publication ethics. For this purpose, the UGC has set up a “Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics” (CARE) for the creation and maintenance of a “Reference List of Quality Journals”. CARE members include statutory councils/academies/government bodies and others like Association of Indian Universities.

Scopus Source IDTitleSubject AreaPrint ISSNE-ISSNCite Score 2020SNIPSJRPublisher
12174Navigation, Journal of the Institute of NavigationAerospace Engineering2815222161429651.850.85Wiley-Blackwell
12174Navigation, Journal of the Institute of NavigationElectrical and Electronic Engineering2815222161429651.850.85Wiley-Blackwell
12207Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative TransferRadiation2240735.61.350.81Elsevier
12207Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative TransferAtomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics2240735.61.350.81Elsevier
12207Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative TransferSpectroscopy2240735.61.350.81Elsevier
12221Asian Journal of ControlControl and Systems Engineering156186251934609351.340.77Wiley-Blackwell
12277Management Accounting ResearchFinance10445005109612245.61.671.36Elsevier
12277Management Accounting ResearchAccounting10445005109612245.61.671.36Elsevier
12277Management Accounting ResearchInformation Systems and Management10445005109612245.61.671.36Elsevier
12373Journal of Computer Information SystemsEducation887441751.240.63Taylor & Francis
12373Journal of Computer Information SystemsComputer Networks and Communications887441751.240.63Taylor & Francis
12373Journal of Computer Information SystemsInformation Systems887441751.240.63Taylor & Francis
12398Journal of Systems ArchitectureHardware and Architecture138376215.61.370.6Elsevier
12398Journal of Systems ArchitectureSoftware138376215.61.370.6Elsevier
12676International Journal of Food Sciences and NutritionFood Science9637486146534785.60.910.69Taylor & Francis
12715Journal of Human Nutrition and DieteticsMedicine (miscellaneous)95238711365277X5.61.180.95Wiley-Blackwell
12715Journal of Human Nutrition and DieteticsNutrition and Dietetics95238711365277X5.61.180.95Wiley-Blackwell
12841Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewEducation10964037157328276.52.422.11Springer Nature
12841Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewPediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health10964037157328276.52.422.11Springer Nature
12841Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewDevelopmental and Educational Psychology10964037157328276.52.422.11Springer Nature
12841Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewClinical Psychology10964037157328276.52.422.11Springer Nature
12841Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewPsychiatry and Mental Health10964037157328276.52.422.11Springer Nature
12844Clinical Psychology: Science and PracticeClinical Psychology969589314682850102.822.29Wiley-Blackwell
12882Contemporary Educational PsychologyEducation0361476X109023846.52.152.48Elsevier
12882Contemporary Educational PsychologyDevelopmental and Educational Psychology0361476X109023846.52.152.48Elsevier
12966Chinese Journal of PhysicsPhysics and Astronomy (all)577907350.940.59Zhonghua Minguo Wuli Xuehui
13057Industrial & Engineering Chemistry ResearchIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering8885885152050455.61.030.88American Chemical Society
13057Industrial & Engineering Chemistry ResearchChemical Engineering (all)8885885152050455.61.030.88American Chemical Society
13057Industrial & Engineering Chemistry ResearchChemistry (all)8885885152050455.61.030.88American Chemical Society
13068SpineOrthopedics and Sports Medicine36224361528115951.661.66Wolters Kluwer Health
13068SpineNeurology (clinical)36224361528115951.661.66Wolters Kluwer Health
13180Journal of Renal NutritionNephrology105122761532850351.160.92Elsevier
13180Journal of Renal NutritionMedicine (miscellaneous)105122761532850351.160.92Elsevier
13180Journal of Renal NutritionNutrition and Dietetics105122761532850351.160.92Elsevier
13257Biological InvasionsEcology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics13873547157314645.61.31.17Springer Nature
13257Biological InvasionsEcology13873547157314645.61.31.17Springer Nature
13272Environment and Planning AGeography, Planning and Development0308518X147234095.61.961.74SAGE
13272Environment and Planning AEnvironmental Science (miscellaneous)0308518X147234095.61.961.74SAGE
13343Nutrition ResearchEndocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism271531718790739510.84Elsevier
13343Nutrition ResearchNutrition and Dietetics271531718790739510.84Elsevier
13343Nutrition ResearchEndocrinology271531718790739510.84Elsevier
13609Korean Journal of Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering (all)25611151975722050.820.61Springer Nature
13609Korean Journal of Chemical EngineeringChemistry (all)25611151975722050.820.61Springer Nature
13639International Journal of Adhesion and AdhesivesPolymers and Plastics143749651.550.92Elsevier
13639International Journal of Adhesion and AdhesivesChemical Engineering (all)143749651.550.92Elsevier
13639International Journal of Adhesion and AdhesivesBiomaterials143749651.550.92Elsevier
13703Biology of ReproductionReproductive Medicine63363152972685.61.231.37Society for the Study of Reproduction
13761International Journal of Thermal SciencesEngineering (all)129007296.51.491.21Elsevier
13761International Journal of Thermal SciencesCondensed Matter Physics129007296.51.491.21Elsevier
13787Journal of Thermal Spray TechnologyMaterials Chemistry105996301544101651.210.69Springer Nature
13787Journal of Thermal Spray TechnologySurfaces, Coatings and Films105996301544101651.210.69Springer Nature
13787Journal of Thermal Spray TechnologyCondensed Matter Physics105996301544101651.210.69Springer Nature
13858Research in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent EngineeringArchitecture9349839143560666.52.110.78Springer Nature
13858Research in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent EngineeringCivil and Structural Engineering9349839143560666.52.110.78Springer Nature
13858Research in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent EngineeringMechanical Engineering9349839143560666.52.110.78Springer Nature
13858Research in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent EngineeringIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering9349839143560666.52.110.78Springer Nature
13867EyeOphthalmology0950222X1476545451.81.45Springer Nature
13867EyeSensory Systems0950222X1476545451.81.45Springer Nature
13886Advanced Engineering MaterialsCondensed Matter Physics14381656152726485.61.140.94Wiley-Blackwell
13886Advanced Engineering MaterialsMaterials Science (all)14381656152726485.61.140.94Wiley-Blackwell
13896Construction Management and EconomicsBuilding and Construction14461931466433X5.61.860.88Taylor & Francis
13896Construction Management and EconomicsIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering14461931466433X5.61.860.88Taylor & Francis
13896Construction Management and EconomicsManagement Information Systems14461931466433X5.61.860.88Taylor & Francis
13907AEJ - Alexandria Engineering JournalEngineering (all)111001685.61.910.58Alexandria University
13928Journal of Planning Education and ResearchUrban Studies0739456X155265775.61.580.97SAGE
13928Journal of Planning Education and ResearchGeography, Planning and Development0739456X155265775.61.580.97SAGE
13928Journal of Planning Education and ResearchDevelopment0739456X155265775.61.580.97SAGE
14105European Journal of PersonalitySocial Psychology8902070109909846.52.082.84SAGE
14126Lipids in Health and DiseaseEndocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism1476511X5.61.31.05Springer Nature
14126Lipids in Health and DiseaseBiochemistry (medical)1476511X5.61.31.05Springer Nature
14126Lipids in Health and DiseaseClinical Biochemistry1476511X5.61.31.05Springer Nature
14126Lipids in Health and DiseaseEndocrinology1476511X5.61.31.05Springer Nature

Removed (Cancelled) List by UGC

This is the old list of journals approved by the UGC, which has now been removed (Cancelled) from the UGC CARE list

Download: Link-1, Link-2

List of cloned journals Group I

List of cloned journals Group II

Scopus Indexed Journals

Web of Science Indexed Journals

NASS Indexed Journals

UGC Approved Agriculture Journals

Sl. NOJournalOnline ISSNFrequencySubjects
1Agricultural Research Journal2395-146XQuarterlyPunjab Agricultural University
2Agricultural Science Digest – A Research Journal0976-0547QuarterlyAgricultural Research Communication Centre
3Anil Aggrawal’s Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology0972-8074Half-YearlyProfessor Anil Aggrawal
4Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology0974-181XThrice a yearAnimal Nutrition Association
5Applied Biological Research0974-4517QuarterlyCentre For Advancement Of Applied Sciences
6BIOINFOLET – A Quarterly Journal of Life Sciences0976-4755QuarterlyDr. Anil M. Mungikar
7Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences- Zoology2320-3188Half-YearlyBpas Publications
8Crop Research2454-1761BimonthlyGaurav Publications.
9Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy2230-7303QuarterlyAssociation Of Biotechnology And Pharmacy
10Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding0975-928XQuarterlyIndian Society Of Plant Breeders
11IASSI-Quarterly0974-018XQuarterlyIndian Association Of Social Science Institutions
12Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry0974-4479Half-YearlyThe Indian Society Of Agricultural Biochemists
13Indian Journal of Agricultural Research0976-058XBimonthlyAgricultural Research Communication Centre
14Indian Journal of Agronomy0974-4460QuarterlyThe Indian Society Of Agronomy
15Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition2231-6744QuarterlyAnimal Nutrition Society Of India
16Indian Journal of Animal Research0976-0555MonthlyAgricultural Research Communication Centre
17Indian Journal of EcologyQuarterlyIndian Ecological Society
18Indian Journal of Economics and Development2322-0430QuarterlySociety Of Economics And Development ( Punjab Agriculture University)
19Indian Journal of Entomology0974-8172QuarterlyThe Entomological Society Of India
20Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding (The)0975-6906QuarterlyThe Indian Society Of Genetics & Plant Breeding
21Indian Journal of Gerontology0000-0000QuarterlyIndian Gerontological Association
22Indian Journal of Horticulture0974-0112QuarterlyIndian Academy of Horticultural Sciences
23Indian Journal of Nematology0974-4444Half-YearlyThe Nematological Society Of India
24Indian Journal of Poultry Science0974-8180Thrice a yearIndian Poultry Science Association
25Indian Journal of Psychological ScienceHalf-YearlyNational Association Of Psychological Science
26Indian Journal of Small Ruminants (The)0973-9718Half-YearlyIndian Society For Sheep And Goat Production And Utilization
27International Journal of Medical Toxicology & Legal Medicine0974-4614QuarterlyMedico Legal Society
28JIMS8M The Journal of Indian Management & Strategy0973-9343QuarterlyJagannath International Management School
29Journal of Applied Geochemistry2319-4316QuarterlyIndian Society Of Applied Geochemists
30Journal of Camel Practice and Research2277-8934Thrice a yearCamel Publishing House
31Journal of Entomological Research0974-4576QuarterlyMalhotra Publishing House
32Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology0974-4568Half-YearlyMedico Legal Society
33Journal of Immunology and Immunopathology0973-9149Half-YearlySociety For Immunology And Immunopathology
34Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine0974-0848QuarterlyIndian Academy Of Forensic Medicine
35Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology0974-083XHalf-YearlyPunjab Academy Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
36Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science0974-0228QuarterlyIndian Society Of Soil Science
37Journal of Veterinary Parasitology0974-0813Half-YearlyThe Indian Association For The Advancement Of Veterinary Parasitology
38Legume Research – An International Journal0976-0571MonthlyAgricultural Research Communication Centre
39Library Herald0976-2469QuarterlyDelhi Library Association
40Media Watch2249-8818Thrice a yearCentre For Academic Social Action
41Medicinal Plants – International Journal of Phytomedicines and Related Industries0975-6892QuarterlySociety For Conservation And Resource Development Of Medicinal Plants
42Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences2394-2061Half-YearlyAcademy Publisher
43Pesticide Research Journal2249-524XHalf-YearlySociety Of Pesticide Science India
44Phytopathogenic Mollicutes2249-4677Half-YearlyTechnology Society Of Basic And Applied Sciences
45Range Management and Agroforestry2249-5231Half-YearlyRange Management Society Of India
46Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology0974-360XMonthlyA & V Publications
47Research on Crops2348-7542QuarterlyGaurav Publications.
48The Journal of Indian Botanical Society2455-7218QuarterlyThe Indian Botanical Society
49Water and Energy International0974-4711MonthlyCentral Board Of Irrigation And Power
50World Digital Libraries- An International Journal0975-7597Half-YearlyThe Energy And Resources Institute (Teri)


Find the UGC care list.

The Approved list of Journal by UGC Care List

Removed or Cancelled list of Journal by UGC Care List.

This this rejected or Removed or Cancelled list of journal:

Find the Scopus Index Journal database.

This is the list of Scopus Index Journal.

What are the Cite Score and impact factor of Journal?

This is the list of journals and their Cite Score and impact factor.

How can I check UGC care list journal 2022 pdf?

This is the link of approved list of Journal by UGC Care List

How can I check UGC care list journal 2023 pdf?

This is the link of the approved list of journals by UGC Care List..Click

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