GIS Expert

  • Location: Jammu
  • Company: Wize Enterprises

Job Details:

Database Knowledge: A GIS expert should be able to understand the special case of spatial data such as how it works or its internals. He or she must know how several operations are carried out when they are applicable. While there are also other operations that do not produce valid results running in the software.

Data conversion: A GIS expert often requires to convert data from older sources or multiple sources in a common format or common schema. It requires us to work with the GPS data and perform data corrections if needed. A GIS expert has to maintain data, archive it, and ensure its quality.

Analytical skills: A GIS expert requires to perform GIS analysis to solve various problems. A GIS expert should be able to extend and alter the standard analysis. Remote sensing skills are required for effective data analysis for both types of data vector or raster data.

Programming skills: A GIS expert must possess expertise in programming languages. Programming languages are required to build workflows or custom solutions. Python is such a scripting language preferred by both ESRI and the open-source community. C++ is beneficial to work in multiple environments.

Critical thinking: A GIS expert requires effective analytical and critical skills. He or she faces various issues related to mapping and other analytical issues. It takes years of experience to manage city streets, modelling storms and combining the datasets taken from multiple sources into one centralized catalog.

Project Management: A GIS expert has to work on multiple projects in the same time frame. He or she has to juggle between different projects. It becomes difficult to fulfil the expectations of the stakeholders while working on numerous projects simultaneously. A GIS expert has to ensure the completion of the project on the issued deadline.

Communication skills: A GIS expert works in a team. He or she has to effectively communicate with all the other members to avoid any mismanagement. He or she has to coordinate with other members of the team and stakeholders to update the project.

Qualification: Graduation

Experience: 3+ YEARS

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