Catastrophe Modelling

  • Job Location: Thane, IN
Scope of the role
 The incumbent will be responsible for leading renewal, intermittent and RFP modeling on highly complex accounts; the modeling span typically ranges from 6 weeks for entry accounts at this level to 4 months for larger accounts. (Catastrophe Modelling)

Responsibilities include:

• Model input preparation – Includes data preparation as well as data scrubbing using SQL/Excel.

• Analyzing the exposures – Includes geocoding the exposures, implementing modeling assumptions accurately in the modeling process, ensuring correct model and peril settings, etc. in order to quantify insurers’ catastrophe loss potential.

• Generating reports – Includes using internal tools like iFM, WorkFlowManager for creating exposure as well as loss summary reports, visualizing various statistics by creating maps using SpatiaKey, ArcGIS, etc.

• Running proprietary models – Running customized peril analysis using WTW proprietary models.

• Model Sensitivity Analysis – Testing the change in model output with change in input parameters.

• Answering SRQ – using internal tools and modeled losses for answering Natural Catastrophe as well as Terrorism portions of SRQs.

• Validating losses – conducting loss feasibility studies to validate modeled losses.

• Model change management – stay updated with changes in models and conduct studies to estimate the impact on modeled client losses.

• Leading RFPs – Utilize the extensive modeling experience in leading RFPs where prospects usually do not share any data.

• Optimizing reinsurance – Model different reinsurance structures to identify the optimum structure in order to maximize client profitability.

• Mentoring – Mentor specific junior analysts in the team dedicatedly in order to minimize their learning curve.

• Training – Participate in training programs in order to train new recruits.

• Knowledge share – Conduct regular knowledge share sessions within and/or outside the team

• Leading eVENT Response – help coordinate the live eVENT response, generating reports and managing client interactions on timely basis

The incumbent will be expected to co-ordinate and communicate with the onshore lead analyst as and when needed in order to

• discuss the progress made as well as any items of significance

• seek feedback and suggestions

The incumbent  is also expected to co-ordinate and communicate effectively between multiple offices and stakeholders on a regular basis in order to

• discuss project plan and resource allocation

• discuss the progress made as well as any items of significance

• seek feedback and suggestions

• share insights into modelled losses and reports

• act as the main coordinator between multiple stakeholders

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree


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