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Standard Operating Procedures of Drone Survey in Mine Area, GoI

Standard Operating Procedures of Drone Survey in Mine Area, GoI. Standard Operating Procedures under sub rule (5) of rule 34A of MCDR, 2017 for carrying out Drone Survey and submission of Digital Aerial (Drone & Satellite) Images of Mining areas to Indian Bureau of Mines.

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Drone Survey

To leverage the use of technology, it has been proposed to use a combination of digital aerial (Drone and satellite) images to monitor mining activities in the country.
The digital aerial images as an emerging technology is increasingly being used in agriculture, environmental, geology, mining, town planning and forestry applications and other applications.

Through Satellite imagery, one can view the activities that took place on the ground without human interventions. This can be applicable to the mining sector and mining activities can be monitored through the space. Based on the time series satellite imageries for different periods, change detection study in the mining activities of a mine could be studied mainly pertaining to lateral changes in a broad view. Volumetric calculations can also be done based on stereo pair satellite imageries with certain degree of error.

Drone, typically operate at much lower altitudes as compared to satellites and are also able to provide unique data with regard to spatial resolution and angle of view. Compared to satellite images, drone images can provide lower ground sample distances (GSD) or higher spatial resolutions on the ground.

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