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Senior Software Engineer (Geospatial Cloud Engineer)

Job Description (Geospatial Cloud Engineer)

EarthDaily Analytics is hiring Geospatial Cloud Engineer for Vancouver, BC, Canada location.


At EarthDaily Analytics we strive to build a more sustainable planet by creating innovative solutions that combine satellite imagery of the Earth, modern software engineering, machine learning, and cloud computing to solve the world’s toughest challenges in agriculture, water management, carbon capture verification and more. Our focus has been on building the world’s most advanced satellite image processing pipelines capable of delivering automated, reliable, meaningful analytics from our customers’ satellites and our own. Our belief is that insights can only be as good as the data itself and we pride ourselves on generating the highest quality data products in the industry. 


We’re a multidisciplinary team of software engineers with backgrounds in Geography, Physics, Computer Science, Atmospheric Studies, Mathematics, Cloud Infrastructure, Industrial Design, and Aerospace Engineering among others. Our diversity is core to our success in building the most innovative technologies on (and off!) the planet. Our team of experts have developed the world’s first colour HD video from space, developed the processing pipelines for some of the most well-known commercial satellites, and have built the world’s first automated Satellite Processing service which is being applied partner satellites and our upcoming constellation.  

Our Software Engineers embrace a DevOps culture, work as a highly collaborative team in an agile based iterative development environment and are leading the next revolution in satellite-based Earth Observation remote sensing through problem solving, growth and ownership. 


Do you want to work in the space industry and build innovative software systems that can automatically process and calibrate satellite images from space to help drive applications for Earth’s sustainability? Do you have experience with DevOps and cloud-based infrastructure? We want to hear from you! Space geeks and innovators are always encouraged to apply! 

We’re a team dedicated to developing innovative Software Solutions for Space and we’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Geospatial Cloud Engineer) to make this happen. 

PREPARE FOR IMPACT! (aka Responsibilities) 

As a Senior Software Engineer (Geospatial Cloud Engineer), you will have overall responsibility for designing, developing, deploying, and applying DevOps practices to backend production geospatial systems (APIs, Databases, Infrastructure). These systems are used to support the development and operations of the Ground Segment that supports EarthDaily’s Earth Observation Satellites and Sensors (present and future), Value-Added Products and internal systems/services used by active stakeholders.   You will be a Senior member of the Engineering team with high impact activities that include: 

YOUR PAST MISSIONS (aka Experience) 

+1 for: 

YOUR TOOLKIT (aka Skills and Knowledge) 

+1 for: 


We’d love to welcome you to our world of software for space. We have a shared passion for building production critical systems that generate near real-time views of Earth from satellites that power real-world applications like disaster monitoring and crop yield improvements.  It’s a fun, fast paced, exciting environment where we hold innovation, team work, honesty and trust as our core values. Our software engineering tech stack is as innovative as the satellites we serve. We use fully cloud-native architectures, the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning, and modern software engineering practices with fully automated CICD software development pipelines continually testing our code, and reliably delivering software systems to cloud-based production environments. And just like space exploration – we’re constantly evolving and pushing new technology boundaries. 




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