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Position Description (GIS ANALYST):

DEPARTMENT INFORMATION: The proposed GIS Analyst will support the Asset Management program in process. The position will provide ongoing GIS analysis, records research and data transmittal interactions between the contracted vendor, Line Maintenance staff, and the Information Technology (IT) Department.


This position is located in the Asset Management Section of Engineering Division of the Utilities Department with the City of Oklahoma City and is under the direction of the Geographic Support Manager. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst is a fully trained practitioner who possess full functional knowledge of the assigned specialty, may provide administrative support, and will frequently function independently. The employee must have previous knowledge and skills in operating and maintaining GIS systems prior to assuming the position. Essential job functions include:  designing, analyzing, and maintaining the City’s GIS applications and databases; coordinating GIS related projects and providing training and support for City users; supervising the general mapping and digital data development functions for support to engineers, cartographers, mapping specialists, City departments, and other agencies; coordinating and performing research of City, county, and other sources of records for information to revise and update the GIS database; monitoring GIS functions and system efficiency and implementing system changes to resolve problems and increase efficiency; coordinating all phases of system design and implementation; installing new software; reconfiguring existing hardware; updating GIS and other operating systems software; and performing file maintenance on GIS databases.  The employee is also responsible for preparing technical reports and forms; interacting with representatives of other City departments and divisions, governmental agencies, and customers to coordinate and implement common GIS interests; and training associated personnel in GIS system use, updates, and data-processing applications.  Work is performed primarily independently, under the direction and guidance of a supervisor, with work products subject to regular review.


Honorably discharged veterans of the United States Active Duty Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserve Forces who are not currently employed full-time by the City of Oklahoma City shall receive five (5) points added to the passing score on an initial selection process.  Qualified applicants must upload a copy of their DD Form 214 or NGB Form 22 indicating discharge type/character of service at the time of application.

Job Requirements


Working Conditions and Physical Requirements


NOTE:  Typical City employee working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, working hours vary (may require work to begin before 8:00 a.m. and/or end beyond 5:00 p.m., and/or may require work on weekends and holidays), and are subject to change, based on the duties and location of the position and the business needs of the assigned work unit/department.


Other Notes

NOTE:  Applicants invited to interview for this position will be required to complete a one-way video interview using Spark Hire video interview software.  
NOTE:  City employees are required to receive pay electronically, either via direct deposit or pay card.
NOTE:  Full-time employees on the Interdepartmental lateral transfer/voluntary demotion list who are interested in this position must submit an application through the standard process.  

NOTE TO FORMER EMPLOYEES: To participate in any selection process, former employees must be eligible for rehire.  If you are unsure of your rehire status, please contact the Human Resources Department at (405) 297-2530.  If your rehire status has been coded “Not Eligible,” “Eligible 3,” or “Conditional,” you will need to request a review of your rehire status through the Human Resources Department’s Labor Relations Division.
NOTE:  Upon a conditional offer and acceptance of employment, the City of Oklahoma City will conduct a background investigation/verification.  Applicants will be provided contact information for any third-party reporting agencies used to collect background information in connection with conditional offers of employment.
NOTE:  Applicants will be provided a copy of the City of Oklahoma City’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy upon conditional offer and acceptance of the position and prior to being directed for a health screen/physical examination and drug test.
NOTE:  Completion of the supplemental questions is required.  Applicant responses to supplemental questions must specifically answer the questions asked.  Responses to supplemental questions must be supported by work history/information listed on the application/resume.  Applications may not be reviewed if specific responses to supplemental questions have not been provided.

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